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  • K30 TWIN - Twin Espresso Grinder (USBC)
  • Tanzania
  • PEAK
  • DK15 LS
  • DK 27 LVS
  • EK 43 (WBC) (USBC)
  • VTA 6SW - single phase
  • K30 Vario - Single Espresso Grinder (USBC)
  • GH1
  • GUA 710
  • EK 43 S
  • K30 TWIN 2.0 HYBRID
  • K30 2.0
  • K30 TWIN 2.0

Grinder for every need

Fresh grinding – cup by cup – enables the perfect coffee sensation.
With our broad product portfolio from shop-, espresso and industrial grinders to new products for Home use and additional accessories we offer the right solution for every customer requirement.

Product overview


    Based on our broad experiences and on our unique coffee grinding expertise, we have decided to support the following three world championships, each one with individually perfect coffee grinders that match the competitions’ diverse requirements:

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  2. The 2.0 series of the K30 and the EK 43 S
    At HOST 2017 in Miland as well as at the Café Show in Seoul, MAHLKÖNIG proudly presents its most recent product hightlights.
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  3. MAHLKÖNIG 's moving moments in Tanzania
    MAHLKÖNIG presents an individual souvenir from the journey to the heart of Tanzania: a short movie documents the importance for water for the local people and conveys the unique vitality of the African culture.
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