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  • K30 TWIN - Twin Espresso Grinder (USBC)
  • Tanzania
  • PEAK
  • DK15 LS
  • DK 27 LVS
  • EK 43 (WBC) (USBC)
  • VTA 6SW - single phase
  • K30 Vario - Single Espresso Grinder (USBC)
  • GH1
  • GUA 710

Grinder for every need

Fresh grinding – cup by cup – enables the perfect coffee sensation.
With our broad product portfolio from shop-, espresso and industrial grinders to new products for Home use and additional accessories we offer the right solution for every customer requirement.

Product overview


  1. Discover the ultimate level of tamping with the brand new PUQPRESS-K30 MODULE
    Enhancing outstanding grinding technology with the ultimate tool to get your tamping to a perfect and consistent level. 
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  2. The Hemro Group’s highlight at Guldfood 2017 in Dubai
    The recent top highlight of the Hemro Group’s espresso grinder portfolio, the PEAK, conquered Dubai.
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  3. Motors of a movement: our partner ELNOR empowers the EK43.
    Learn more about it from the case study.
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