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K30 RFID Smart Credit Solution

What is RFID?
Our RFID solution offers a MAHLKÖNIG K30 single espresso grinder that communicates via radio frequency either with a tag on a hopper, a tag on a coffee bag or with a preloaded 
chip card enclosed to the coffee delivery. With a preloaded 
chip card the grinder gets activated for a predefined time – 
e.g. 10.000 grams/3,6 gr. per second = 2777 seconds.

If the predefined grinding time has elapsed the grinder has 
to be activated again by a new card. The used card is then 
unusable/empty and can be disposed. The grinding time has 
to be defined in relation to the blend and weight of coffee to 
be ground.

How to start?
All RFID-grinders will be personalized by MAHLKÖNIG. In order to get your MAHLKÖNIG K30 RFID version with integrated antenna you have to define your espresso blend, your weight per single/double shot and the design of your personalized chip card. Please approach the MAHLKÖNIG sales manager or distributor closest to you in order to get this process started.

The customization process will take several weeks. A defined timetable will be part of the quotation you will receive from MAHLKÖNIG. Once defined your K30 RFID grinders including the preloaded chip cards will be delivered to you for installation at the outlets of your customers.

As the K30 RFID is a personalized grinder to your individual needs only the ongoing installation of several units p.a. will be cost-efficient to you and MAHLKÖNIG. Therefore, please assume minimum order quantities of 10 K30 RFID.

You find more information about this grinder in our product folder.

Grinding capacity
approx. 3,6 - 4,8 g/sec
Hopper capacity3.3 lbs
Dimensions (w x h x d)
9.5 x 21.7 x 12.6 inch
Voltage / frequencies / phases
200-230 V / 50/60 Hz / 1~     
 240 V / 50 Hz / 1~
Current consumption
2,4 - 4,7 A
Power consumption
470 - 850 W
Rotations / minute
1420 rpm @ 50 Hz
 1640 rpm @ 60 Hz   
Grinding disc diameter
2.56 inch
Net weight
28.7 lbs