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10% Rabatt auf X54 Home Mühle, Ersatzteile, Mahlscheiben & Zubehör! Versand Innerhalb Deutschland & USA, Gratis Versand für Bestellung über 100 EUR.
10% Rabatt auf X54 Home Mühle, Teile, Mahlscheiben & Zubehör! Versand Innerhalb Deutschland & USA, Gratis Versand für Bestellung über 100 EUR.

Coffee Friend

Coffee Friend is an international omnichannel retailer of coffee and coffee machines, operating in Europe under various names in different local markets. They focus on an extraordinary sales experience and high-quality production. Coffee Friend's vision is to become the most valued retailer in Europe's coffee market. Their mission is to work to accompany all the best moments of your life with fresh, high-quality coffee.

The journey to success for Coffee Friend began in 2010 in Lithuania when two friends decided to pursue their dreams in the coffee business. Their passion for coffee was born in an attic, and their circle of friends grew rapidly. According to a "Business Research Center Group" study, they are now one of the leading retailers of coffee and coffee machines in the Baltic states. They won't stop here: "We dream of sharing good coffee with the rest of the world."

Coffee Friend stands for great coffee at home! Great coffee at home is a moment of pleasure. Sometimes, that's all you need. They want your coffee always to be perfect. Fresh and aromatic. How does Coffee Friend make this happen? They stay abreast of the most cutting-edge information on coffee and coffee preparation. They know how to prepare an excellent cup of coffee. If you desire, you can do the same—with the press of a button.

They don't speak the language of instruction manuals. Coffee Friend is there for a friendly conversation: simple, precise, and warm. They are here to help you find everything needed, so you'll always be able to rely on a great cup of coffee at home. At Coffee Friend, they bring their customers closer to the best coffee experiences, whether at home or work.

Get In Touch

Coffee Friend values friendship and seeks to establish a sincere relationship with every customer, colleague, and business partner. They're attentive and offer products and services that are tailored to suit your needs. They are simple, genuine, and frank. It helps identify the essentials and eliminate the rest.

The team at Coffee Friend are experts in their field, and they are on top of everything new in the coffee industry, constantly improving and willing to share their knowledge about coffee and coffee machines. Coffee isn't just a drink to them. It's a culture, a lifestyle. It represents the happiest moments with friends through endless flavors and experiences. Coffee is their life.