While Coffeedesk is new as an official direct distributor of Mahlkönig, they have been promoting Mahlkönig grinders throughout Poland for years because of their ease of use, amazing repeatable performance and timeless design. Coffeedesk offers consistent inventory at a fair price, changing the game in Europe to get everything needed in one place. Their business connects the best coffee gear and complementary products directly to customers all throughout Europe and includes over 3000 items in their warehouse from over 150 worldwide brands.

Their website has fast delivery and a 365-day return policy, highlighting their focus on great quality service. With their “Supreme Service,” Coffeedesk hand-packs every parcel with the utmost care to bring customers awesome coffee and tea products flavored with passion, good vibes, and a few drops of pure joy - just like coffee does with every sip taken.

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Coffeedesk is based in Poland and available to deliver amazing tools for coffee experts and prosumers alike throughout Europe.