Ruth Coffee

With over 40 years of experience, Ruth Coffee started originally as a coffee roastery. Since then, they’ve developed two distinct sides of their business: roasting and green coffee sourcing, and equipment distribution and service. They pride themselves in being able to offer full support for any coffee needs in Israel and surrounding areas.

They firmly believe that quality and durability are the most important qualities of a coffee grinder and helped build their reputation by offering high-end Mahlkönig coffee grinders to the market in Israel. It’s through good equipment and good service that they believe specialty coffee can shine.

Their 25-person team feels like a family, and over 12 employees have more than 15 years with the company. At the same time, their team embraces new technology to stay on top of growing and changing trends in coffee and are ready to develop a solution for any coffee needs.

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Ruth Coffee truly offers a full-service coffee experience focused on any possible customer need.