HOPE & MIND is a roasting coffee company with a coffee shop established in 2010. Their clients include professionals like restaurants, bars, hotels, and bakeries and individuals looking for specialty coffee products for their households. In addition to freshly roasted coffee beans, HOPE & MIND also sells teas, coffee machines, and barista accessories.

They were the first to talk about and promote Specialty Coffee in Réunion. The team at HOPE & MIND is made up of very passionate people who are experienced baristas, coffee cuppers, coffee technicians, roasters, and trainers. They love coffee, 'good specialty coffee,' and work hard to help make others aware that coffee can be different from what they know and taste. The job is challenging, but they love supporting the community toward quality, from long-time pros to people early in their coffee journey.

HOPE & MIND partnered with Mahlkönig and Anfim because both brands are synonymous with reliability, creating products made with quality materials that are built to last, and the grinders include advanced grinding burrs. If they had to pick a favorite grinder, it would be the Mahlkönig EK43. Visit the HOPE & MIND café to see how the grinders are used in their everyday coffee routine.

Get In Touch

Contact the HOPE & MIND team if you are looking for a professional coffee partner in Réunion. In addition to selling coffee machines and grinders, they provide after-sales service and maintenance support for the equipment.

The company culture was built on service. Always willing to do their best for their customers but also collaborative and open-minded with their colleagues, focusing on their coffee mission with a global approach.