Raqtan Holding

Raqtan is an end-to-end solution and strategy provider for customers in the food service industry. From providing consultation services to creating kitchens and cafes according to specifications, they work hard to satisfy the needs of their clients. Raqtan continues the journey with their customers through after-sales services, treating the success of their client's business as their own.

Ekuep is the largest online restaurant and cafe equipment supplier in the MENA region. Awarded as the B2B eCommerce website of the year three times in a row, they are an offshoot of Raqtan Holding. With an independent approach to the market and tons of fresh ideas, Ekuep is trusted to meet professional product demands across Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, and Kuwait. While their roots give them strength and stability, their outlook departs from the market norms of offering the client the same for more by guaranteeing high quality at the best price.

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Raqtan Holding prides themselves as a full-service company, with team members standing by to support you.