Verticcio was founded in 2015 and provides its clients in the HORECA segment with comprehensive services across the entire coffee spectrum. They only work with the best brands, believing Mahlkönig is the best among grinders, and have been a partner since 2020.

One of the pillars of the Verticcio company is having a professional and friendly approach to customers. The team consists of lovers of the coffee industry, and they are constantly working with each other to bring in the latest trends from the world of coffee.

The people at Verticcio are glad they can contribute to the improvement of gastronomy in Slovakia and are always looking for ways to teach people how to prepare and drink quality coffee - and they can't do that without cutting-edge technology like Mahlkönig. Their favorite grinder from the Mahlkönig product line is the E65S GbW, because they love the full flavors of coffee in a modern espresso.

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Verticcio provides clients with first-class service through certified barista training at their Verticcio academy, a service department, and full support from their sales team.