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10% off X54 Home Grinder, Spare Parts, Burrs & Accessories! Shipping within Germany & United States, FREE Shipping on Orders Over 100 EUR.
10% off X54 Home Grinder, Parts, Burrs & Accessories! Shipping within Germany & United States, FREE Shipping on Orders Over 100 EUR.

Be your own barista: Discover the X54 Allround Home Grinder

The freshly prepared aromatic cup of coffee is a symbol for a meaningful moment of joy – a small escape from stress, a chance to pause. And a growing number of demanding coffee enthusiasts wants to enjoy the perfect cup not only at their favorite coffee shops, but at their private homes, too.

During past years, the dedication to coffee among home baristas has evolved substantially and the preparation has become an important part of the coffee ceremony in households around the globe. Hence, the demand for premium coffee equipment for domestic coffee bars continues to rise.

Passionate home baristas enjoy experimenting with all different kinds of brewing methods in order to find the perfect recipe for each specialty coffee variety. Since the grinder plays a key role to unlock the coffee’s full potential, a home grinder that provides premium grinding with a coffeeshop-like quality is an indispensable piece of equipment for any home coffee bar.

The perfect premium allround home grinder needs to provide perfect grounds for an aromatic espresso and equally perfect doses for filter coffee or French Press.

Here it is: the Mahlkönig X54 Home

One for all.
The X54 Allround Home Grinder features premium grinding for any brewing method. Its stepless grind size adjustment ranges over 35 indicators, from espresso all the way up to French press. What lies beneath this comprehensive scale is a uniquely conceived set of 54 mm special steel burrs that can produce particles of less than 200 µm at the finest and up to 1,000 µm at the coarsest setting.
Furthermore, the X54 Home provides perfect ease of use for any brewing method as it comes with both, a stainless-steel Mahlkönig cup and a rock-steady portafilter support that fits any common portafilter size. Whenever you need to swap from filter to espresso grinding, or vice versa, all you have to do is to press one button and quickly exchange the front on your X54 Home and all your precious grounds will get collected smoothly.

Finally, passionate home baristas get to enjoy the full taste of all their coffees at home, with the top-notch quality they have been longing for!

The king is coming home.
With the X54 Allround Home Grinder, Mahlkönig sets out to add a new chapter to its legacy as the “king of grinders”. The new grinder is the first of the dedicated product line “Mahlkönig home”, featuring the same iconic look, the same grinding excellence and perfect functionality as the commercial product range – specifically sized for domestic use.

>> Discover the X54 Home

X54 Home sales launch schedule:

May 2021

June 2021

July 2021
Switzerland, UK, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, China

August 2021
Australia, Korea, Japan, Russia, Indonesia, Thailand and remaining EU countries

Sales launches for more regions will be announced at due course.

Follow @mahlkonighome on Instagram for further updates!

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