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Mahlkönig announces new Distributors worldwide

Mahlkönig announces new Distributors worldwide

We are excited to announce that Mahlkönig has partnered with new distributors to expand the availability of our premium coffee grinders and to provide exceptional service to even more customers around the world.

We are pleased to partner with BaristaEquip and Chris' Coffee in the United States. BaristaEquip is a well-respected coffee equipment and accessories supplier, and they are the perfect partner to help us expand our reach in the US market. Meanwhile, Chris' Coffee has been a leader in the specialty coffee industry for almost 50 years, providing coffee equipment and supplies to customers nationwide.

For customers in South America, we have partnered with JAKSU in Argentina and Altatec in Paraguay. These two new distributors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience with high-quality products. We are excited to work with them to provide our customers with the best coffee grinder solutions.

In Guatemala, Mahlkönig is delighted to welcome SIDASA and Icoffee Solutions as distribution partners. SIDASA is a trusted equipment provider of over 40 years with extensive experience in installation, repair, and maintenance service. Icoffee Solutions brings an entrepreneurial spirit, providing consulting services along with coffee equipment and accessories.

In Uzbekistan, we are partnering with KMS Roasting, a highly respected coffee roaster and barista school in the region, experienced with modern production and first-class equipment.

Meanwhile, we have partnered with Unicafé in Moldova, owner of the beloved coffee chain Bonjour Cafe. They will now distribute and provide maintenance for Mahlkönig grinders in the market, as well as use them for coffee service across all their cafes.

We are delighted to partner with Primulator AB in Sweden, a well-established coffee equipment and accessories supplier in Scandinavia and Northern Europe for 60 years. With their focus on providing qualitative products, reliable service, spare parts, training support, and the best possible customer service, they are the perfect partner to help us expand our presence nationwide.

Furthermore, we are partnering with Best Friend of Barista, a high-quality coffee equipment and accessories supplier developing the market in Ukraine. Known for their exceptional customer service and highly reputable certified service center, they will be the ideal partner to help us grow in Eastern Europe.

Last but not least, we welcome Espressomat as our new distributor of the X54 Allround Home Grinder in Spain. Espressomat is a well-established coffee machine manufacturer based in Barcelona that will help us reach more home baristas in the Spanish market.

We are thrilled to welcome such trusted and experienced distributors in the coffee industry to our global network. These new partnerships will help us make Mahlkönig’s premium coffee grinders accessible to more people and provide customers with the best after-sales support and technical service. Thank you for your continued support of Mahlkönig, and we look forward to working with our new distributors to serve you better than ever.

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