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The Legend Continues: Introducing EK Omnia

The Legend Continues: Introducing EK Omnia

Since the first Mahlkönig products in 1924, we have maintained a position at the forefront of coffee grinder technology through a singular commitment to innovation.

Innovation is not a buzzword in our philosophy. Innovation is not a short-term enterprise; it is a comprehensive business approach that demands endless repetition, tireless experimentation, and continuous improvement. Today, Mahlkönig continues this legacy with the introduction of the EK Omnia, setting a new standard for efficiency, precision, and consistency.

EK43 stands as the most widely sold premium coffee grinder globally, and since its initial launch in 1990, it has become a coffee industry icon and a stamp of approval for everyone who uses it or sells it. Watch the “The Icon Stories” YouTube series to see what EK 43 means to the coffee community

Now, the EK Omnia takes our commitment to innovation even further. Omnia means "everything" or "all things." It is derived from the Latin word "omnis," which means "all" or "every." "Omnia" is often used in contexts where you want to convey the idea of encompassing or including all possible things or elements. We feel EK Omnia is exactly that – the ultimate grinding solution for every coffee professional’s need.

EK Omnia Grinder Front Profile

The grinder is equipped with a suite of new features that makes it an indispensable tool for high-demand, high-expectation settings. The new and ground-breaking Library Mode allows baristas to save their favorite grinding recipes, including notes for the bean name and target coffee grams, that the EK Omnia automatically adjusts to. Or baristas can manually adjust the grind size and dosing time as needed. A pre-dosing hopper unit adds volumetric dosing, the adjustable magnetic portafilter holder serves as a masterstroke in efficiency, and the front-facing LED screen is a powerful and easy-to-use interface, amongst other features, set ultra-precise micro-adjustments of grind size. With the EK Omnia, Mahlkönig sets the new standard for grinder performance and design, again. Welcome to the next era of coffee grinding.

EK Omnia Grinder Interface

The EK Omnia’s chief innovation is the Library Mode in combination with the Pre-Dosing Unit (PDU), a volumetric hopper. This ground-breaking feature incorporates a volumetric dosing hopper, the pre-dosing unit (PDU), and an automatic grind adjustment mechanism, providing users with the power to maintain consistent recipes without the need for constant recalibration. Regardless of who is using the grinder, or the type of coffee being prepared, the same recipe can be saved and effortlessly utilized.

Saved grinding recipes seamlessly integrate volumetric dosing with micron-level grind size settings. The grind size, meticulously measured in real-time by micron distance, eliminates any guesswork or reliance on arbitrary dials. When a recipe is selected, the grinder instantly fine-tunes both the burr distance and pre-dosing unit to precisely match the chosen parameters.

EK Omnia Grinder Illuminated Spout

The EK Omnia used in Library Mode eliminates variations in coffee quality across different locations, ensuring that the same recipe delivers consistent excellence globally. Additionally, the pre-dosing unit removes the need for manual weighing of coffee beans, further streamlining the process and enhancing workflow speed.

No arbitrary dials, no guesswork. When a recipe is selected, the grinder automatically adjusts the burr distance and pre-dosing unit according to the recipe. Berlin, Tokyo, New York—wherever you are, this is industry-leading grinding uniformity that works across shifts, grinders, and continents.

The EK Omnia will become Mahlkönig’s flagship product, expanding its globally respected lineup of professional coffee grinders including the ever popular EK43 and further cementing EK’s status as a coffee industry icon.

Learn more about the EK Omnia and its key features.

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