EK43 S Limited Edition: The ICON

EK43 S Limited Edition: The ICON

What it means to be an ICON – the shape, the passion, the EK43

The coffee industry admires the EK43 as a game-changer in grinding. Known for unlocking unrivaled uniformity and high-extraction potential without bitterness.

The Icon grinder close up

The ICON is our tribute to the mighty EK43. Discover the Limited Edition EK43 S.

All the power and precision that made the Mahlkönig EK43 a global icon, now featuring an exclusive and unmistakable design that exists only for 999 EK43 S grinders.

The symbol of quality with each numbered identity plate as a receipt of authenticity and a signal to savvy professionals and enthusiasts of your seriousness about exceptional coffee.

The Icon grinder front and plquette

The ICON is built with golden accents on the dial knob, grind scale, grinder feet, on/off button, numbered plate, and Mahlkönig logo. Extra accessories include a 250g bean hopper in black and portafilter dosing cup.

The Icon grinder packshot

The ICON is limited with only 999 units available across the globe. To claim yours, find a distributor near you and get in touch to place an order.



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