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Hemro Group Team Photo

Thank you SCA Portland!

What an amazing three days it has been at the SCA Portland Expo!

Hemro Group would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who visited our booth over the 3-day expo and joined our grinder training workshops, our partners who attended the exclusive breakfast event, and those who sang karaoke with us at the Black Rabbit Service Co. afterparty—each moment made our time at SCA truly special.

Premiere of the Anfim Luna

The newest Anfim espresso grinder, Luna, received an overwhelmingly positive response for the first time showing in the Americas. We are thrilled to bring a modern design, impressive speed, and clever user-centric features to baristas around the globe with the Luna professional grinder.

Anfim Luna Espresso grinder

Coffee Motif Tattoos

The coffee community made some serious commitments and got permanently inked by the talented local artist Bree Napasawan. There was a line down the aisle of eager attendees waiting for their chance to get a free flash tattoo in our booth. The EK43 reigned as the King of Grinders and was a popular tattoo of choice.

EK43 Tattoo by artist Bree

EK43 S Live Painting

If you missed the chance to win the one-of-a-kind EK43 S, you missed out! Hundreds of people entered to win a hand-painted Mahlkönig EK43 S from the skillful Seattle artist Felix Tran, who transformed this grinder into a work of art over the 3-day expo. Congratulations to the winner, Caleb Will, who will use his new grinder to train for latte art competitions.

Painted EK43 coffee grinder by artist Felix

Custom Mahlkönig X54

Pantechnicon Design's craftsmanship is unparalleled, and they showed up to elevate the giveaway game! The blacked-out X54 Allround Home grinder was a stunning customization, and its placement on the podium turned heads. Congratulations to the winner, Aspen Ashford, who just leveled up as a home barista.

Custom X54 Home grinder by Pantechnicon Design

Mahlkönig Merch Launch

SCA saw the first launch of our Mahlkönig merchandise collection! From EK43 exploded view shirts to embroidered crewneck sweaters and crown logo socks, the assortment did not disappoint. Thank you to everyone who had to get their hands on the newest merch; we sold out of most sizes by Sunday. But don’t worry! We are re-stocking the complete collection online, and you can still get yours at mahlkoenig.com.

Mahlkönig merch booth at SCA

It was an unforgettable experience, and we are grateful to everyone who made it possible. Thank you, Portland, for your hospitality and passion for specialty coffee. We couldn’t have put on such a great showing without the community—a special thank you to our North and South American Distribution Partners.

We can't wait to see you again next year!

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