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10% off X54 Home Grinder, Spare Parts, Burrs & Accessories! Shipping within Germany & United States, FREE Shipping on Orders Over 100 EUR.
10% off X54 Home Grinder, Parts, Burrs & Accessories! Shipping within Germany & United States, FREE Shipping on Orders Over 100 EUR.

Boncafe (Thailand) Ltd.

Boncafe has become an Official Distributor of Mahlkönig in Thailand since 2020. But they have always been a good friend of Hemro Group before then. because they used to purchase Ditting grinders, another brand within Hemro umbrella, they are more than familiar with technical mechanics and the component parts inside the Mahlkönig grinders.

Mahlkönig is a brand that never stops with its development. Many innovations are initiated based on users’ experience. Undoubtedly, the brand is loved and positioned as the most wanted grinder among the barista community. Boncafe is very confident with Mahlkönig’s products, quality, and after-sales service for their customers with the best efficiency possible.

“High Quality Components + Extraordinary Design = Perfect Combination is a phrase that best defines Mahlkönig in my point of view." -Joachim Lüddecke, Director of Engineering & Development, Boncafe (Thailand) Ltd.

If Joachim had to choose only one Mahlkönig grinder for his coffee shop, of course, it has to be the Mahlkönig EK model. Thanks to its versatility of being able to grind the coffee from espresso to filter, it is truly an all-round grinder. Joachim would love to have the Mahlkönig E80S GBW too, due to its incredibly fast speed and the accuracy of grinding by weight, no need to weigh the coffee ground with an external scale. “Another thing I like is the Disc Distance Detection (DDD) technology that allows the barista to easily adjust the grind size. It is truly an ideal for coffee shops that have many blend selections. All these technologies are to minimize the human errors from baristas.”

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Boncafe (Thailand) is a business provider with the One Stop Coffee Solution; they are the coffee manufacturer, distributor, and importer of many products including topnotch coffee machine brands with more than 30 years of experience and over 24 branches across the country. Boncafe (Thailand) is currently a part of the Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group; an Italian coffee company that is one of the world’s largest.

Boncafe values knowledge sharing. They have a strong internal training team as their technical department, to share valuable knowledge to hundreds of their nationwide technicians. This in-depth knowledge brings its value to Boncafe as a deep trust from valued customers who found their after-sales service being standardized. Boncafe is also very keen on sharing this knowledge with their customers whenever they need it as well.