Primulator AS

Since 1966, Primulator AS has distributed the top quality brands in the business. By focusing on a limited number of brands, they are always the most knowledgeable about their products. That is why Primulator AS is a long-term partner of Mahlkönig, because they appreciate the quality of the brand and the fantastic grinder offering for different business segments.

What sets Primulator AS apart is, first and foremost, their service. They are one of few who cover Norway 100%, investing in customer support with full on-site service and striving for "one-visit fixes." This is only possible due to their 50 years of experience serving the country from north to south. Taking pride in their service and aiming to score 100% each time they visit a customer in need is why they are the chosen partner across all sectors, from HoReCa to Convenience.

The team at Primulator AS is built on positive relationships, mutual cooperation, solution-seeking, and varying perspectives and experiences. The employees are committed and qualified specialists, trustworthy in business relations, and dedicated to providing comprehensive customer support. From the technological design of the premises to equipment and training, they provide the highest quality maintenance services available 24/7.

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Primulator AS aims for the highest level of customer satisfaction by meeting customer needs promptly AND professionally. They offer a range of products and services supported by state-of-the-art technology, cost-effectiveness, and over 50 years of knowledgeable experience in the industry.